COVID-19 statement: In light of the current outbreak, we want to...

COVID-19 statement.

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, we want to reach out to our customers, partners and the general public to share how we are supporting and serving you now and in the foreseeable future.

Supporting you: 

As ever, we are dedicated to deliver you your trusted high-quality services, and will continue to do so as we have prepared our staff to be fully operational remotely and even on site for emergencies.

Within Simplelight Ltd:

To ensure the safety and health of our team, we are giving all of our staff the option to work from home. We have also invested in new equipment to ensure all of our staff are able to work safely and productively from their homes Without any changes to the way you can get in touch with us.

We are also encouraging our team members to self-isolate and work remotely if they show any symptoms of the virus, like a high temperature, or a new, continuous cough. If they have travelled to a badly affected areas or have been in contact with someone with the disease, they are also being asked to self-isolate.

In regards to travel and meetings, we are carefully following the latest Government advice and we are limiting all non-essential travel and encouraging in-person meetings to be transitioned to virtual conference calls. Essential travel and on-site work will be done respecting STRICT measures to avoid transference of the virus (our staff received training on how to respect basic regulations like keeping distance, wearing gloves and masks, using sanitiser). The important thing is that you can count on our team to maintain the quality and timing of our work and service, with minimal or no disruption.

Final thoughts…

This is an ever-evolving situation that will change in the upcoming days, weeks and potentially months. The media is full of information (and misinformation) about COVID-19 and how long this will last. The uncertainty this virus has placed is likely to impact businesses but the best thing all of us can do is communicate with each other, reach for the facts, and ultimately make the best decisions we can to protect our employees, customers and business partners.

We’ll be here, each and every day, working nonstop to bring deliver and assure you your trusted services and will be available through the well-known existing channels of communication. Please get in touch if we can provide any further support or help.

We genuinely hope your stay safe and wish you to have as little as possible disruption of your normal life. Enjoy the improved climate effects as a result of this pandemic. Take care.


Our Sister Company, GPS Telecom is also here to help.

Please contact GPS Telecom to discuss their many remote working communication packages.

Their expert teams are available to help with various easily deployed services such as remote connection to your corporate network via VPN & desktop solutions including moving your Head Office extensions to employees’ homes, cloud-based services and call recordings.

They are available to offer you expert remote working advice on 0870 730 7000 or

In conclusion:

Simplelight Ltd will be there for you to ensure your cost effectiveness remains at the highest possible level by securing the best possible rates for your gas and electricity rates. Securing your best commercial conditions NOW might prove very important as rates might skyrocket during these uncertain times.

Let us help you secure the best deal available TODAY.

Contact us via the web form at the bottom of this page, or call us on 03300 415 425

Urgent News – April 2020
Energy Market Price Drop

Just before the COVID-19 outbreak, Energy and Oil prices dropped dramatically as OPEC and Russian oil companies competed with each other. Prices for the moment remain low, creating the ideal time to ‘lock in’ your energy deal!

Even if you are currently in a Contract, we can still reserve your price now, to give huge savings over 5 years.

THE ENERGY INDUSTRY price indicators

Beat the current energy increases and lock in good deals for up to 5 years.

Did you know? There has been a 147% price increase in energy in the last 10 years. Also, the water industry was ‘deregulated’ in 2017. This means businesses now choose who supplies their water just like the gas and electricity industry. Simplelight can provide you with a bespoke Energy and Water solution now, even if you’re currently in contract! Each month, more and more businesses choose Simplelight to help make savings.

Simplelight Energy Brokers provide Gas, Electricity and Water advice.

What we do for you

Full Analysis and Industry Data Comparison.

At absolutely no cost to you and your business, we establish a full understanding of your businesses energy requirements both now and in the future, by analysing your energy usage.

We will source the most competitive solution to suit your business requirements by accessing our extensive portfolio of suppliers. This will give you complete control of your energy budget for up to 5 years, creating a fully comprehensive and bespoke energy management solution and providing you with your own dedicated energy manager who will oversee the transition between contracts and suppliers, giving you one central point of contact. The Simplelight Ltd. offering is designed to leave you free to focus on your business and customers.

Our corporate support team will take on your workload such as transferring existing & new contracts and change of tenancy etc. allowing you to concentrate on your business.

We offer a unique service which includes comprehensive invoice processing, validation & management solutions. This ensures bill accuracy and monthly reporting is available which is designed specifically to manage your energy costs and efficiency, across all your sites.

Your dedicated account manager will have access to a bespoke dashboard & on-line portal showing your energy costs per site & country, on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. This includes full and complete reporting with historic and future forecasted savings.

Accurate invoice processing for bill validation and monthly reporting.

Manage your energy costs and efficiency, across all your sites

Complete reporting with historic and future forecasted savings.

Bespoke Commercial Gas based on size, consumption and location

Constant monitoring to protect and future proof energy supply.

Unravel complex tariffs by examining water and waste water usage.

Relax, our Energy Gurus Compile the data for you !

We know the market and talk to all the serious energy providers .

Simplelight centres across europe

We have you covered

With trained utilities staff based at offices in the UK and Spain we’re well placed to provide a personal service to all our clients. Plus our industry wide credibility enables us to draw upon our contacts and resources at the utility suppliers and contractors. No matter how big or small your business, we’ll have it covered for you.

Head Office; Sutton Weaver, United Kingdom.

Newcastle, United Kingdom.

Malaga, Andalucia, Spain

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Outstanding Service & Support

Above and beyond is our mantra when it comes to customer service, we maintain a friendly personal touch with a dogged attention to detail, as this is essential for timely, accurate appraisals and negotiated contracts that give huge value to our customers businesses.

Contract Rollover Trap Protection

Without timely positive action, an Energy Supplier may impose an Assumptive Renewal Contact if a new contract is not in place within a certain period before the old one expires. Known as a rollover trap these legal contracts are often very poor value, but can be avoided.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

‘We’ve used Simplelight Ltd. from the start and highly recommend them, their professional approach and support is second to none.

Anthony Hall

IT Director

‘Simplelight Ltd. are providing a variety of solutions for the members of our group, their service and value are highly recommended’

Steve Depport

Operations Manager

‘The guys at Simplelight Ltd. gave us a great service, our office move went smoothly’.

Jo Gibson

Operations Director

‘Simplelight Ltd. look after Gas and Electric supplies on all our estates. They have provided invaluable services and saved us thousands of pounds in energy cost. The information and service is easy to understand and we have renewed many office and factory units with Simplelight Ltd. Overall I am extremely happy with the service Simplelight Ltd. has provided and thoroughly recommend them’

Charles H Perrin


‘Simplelight Ltd. have helped us to save over £3000 this year alone. This has allowed us to invest those savings back into Mold Rugby Club’

Sian Griffiths

Honorary Secretary, Mold Rugby Club

‘Many thanks for an excellent service well delivered. The certainty of the contract makes forward planning much more straightforward’

Philip Benjamin


Work with us to help promote ethical business.

During 2020 we’ll be signing up and partnering with other businesses to promote ethical practice, energy-saving options and reviewing of green energy solutions for a low carbon future.

Join us for a brighter future of your own

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